Apples & Forests & Cabins, Oh my!

The Fall Collection

seasonal scents that scream autumn

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Made in Milwaukee, WI

Small Batch Products

Every BUSHYL product is made in lovingly small batches to guarantee only the best quality comes into your home.

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Studio Sunday

I've got to make the most of this Sunday afternoon that I have to myself in the studio in order to catch up on a few things. I'm labelling candles, unboxing new candle supplies and cutting a loaf of my spring soap so follow along!

Business Goals

I'm talking all about the 2022 business goals I have for Bushyl and why I chose them. I want to add new products to my line, get more active on TikTok and lots of other big dreams!

How I Got Started

The story of how I got started making cold process soap out of my home and grew my business over the past 4 months since launching. I talk about what research I did and how I decided to take this beyond just a hobby...