Pour Your Own

Private Small-Group Classes

Milwaukee, WI

Interested in making your own candles?

This private group candle making class is the perfect mix of learning and fun, which makes it the ideal choice for a bachelorette party, team building activity, bridal shower, or simply just an excuse to try something new with friends!


How it Works


- Reach Out to Select a Date for your private candle class (5 person minimum, 10 person maximum)

- Pay for Your Class (cancellations are required 48 hours in advance. If it is within 48 hours, you can reschedule your class or receive a credit for the Bushyl store).


- Arrive on time! We need the full two hours to give the candles enough time to cool for you to take them with you so please be on time or risk having to come back another day to pick up your finished candles.

- The first 45 minutes will consist of learning about the candle making process and making your custom 7 oz candle. After that, we’ll set the candles aside to cool and you can use the studio to snack, socialize and play any of the board games on hand if you so choose! We’ll also use the second half of class to choose your custom candle label.

- At the end of the two hours, we’ll package up your finished candles and you’ll be on your way. It’s recommended that you do not burn the candles for at least three days after making them, to ensure the wax and fragrance oil has cured enough for an ideal burn.

COST: $40 per person

Minimum of 5 people, maximum of 10